Boranup, Escape the City

It’s no secret. I’m obsessed with giant trees. It’s taken me to places all over the world. I even went as far as to convince my entire family to join me on a hike in Oregon two years ago, because I couldn’t leave the place without basking in the glory of the spur.


Living in Western Australia is incredible and we’re not short of a beautiful beach or bush walk on the cities fringe – but in the past, I have really struggled to find the kind of forests that really truly make your heart melt. Imagine my complete and utter joy when I realised we had the kind of forests I’d always dreamed of in WA – I just had to get out of town.


I’m a very lucky and very blessed individual – I happen to be surrounded by some of the most humble hearted and talented adventurers our little corner of the planet has to offer, there’s always someone offering up an exciting idea for a weekend getaway; so when my friend Paul asked if i’d like to join him in the South West for  few days of 4X4 and hiking – I was already clambering into his Land Cruiser with my bags packed.


When we set out – we really only had a vague idea of where we wanted to head to. Paul had been given a map from a friend for a forrested spot out near Harvey that he wanted to check out, so we began to meander south with the vague idea that we’d stay somewhere along the road.


We made it to the mapped spot and after a few hours of muddy off-roading, decided to keep heading south in the vague direction of what I thought was going to be a karri-tree forest with several camping options.


Without a doubt, Boranup State Forest, is one of WA’s most beautiful reserves. Caves Road winds through the towering Karri’s, offering breath taking views down and into the forest bed below. Several turn off’s into the heart of the forests lead you two main camping spots in the reserve – both with drop toilets and private unpowered camp sites.

A tip for Winter is to bring your own (dry) fire wood. Although both spots are kindly supplied with wood, in the wetter months, you’ll find yourself struggling to light wet wood in the chilly evening (guilty, we struggled).

Western Australia is full of local gems – I’m looking forward to uncovering and featuring more of my home state towards the end of this year.


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  1. Same!! Gian trees are so amazing! Makes me feel like the whole planet is alive and breathing! 🤗


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