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Born in Western Australia and raised by the sea – Rachel discovered a love for photography, adventure, travel at an early age. Her first ever trip saw her traveling Libya with her Grandfather, during one of Libya’s most dangerous times, an experience she wouldn’t trade for anything. She still works and lives out of Perth, Australia and continues to travel several times a year.

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What’s your united by blue gear must-have?

I love my Scout Backpack. I use it on nearly every adventure. It fits all the gear I can’t risk packing in my check-in luggage and still fits under a plane seat. I discovered the first time I used it that it’s very rainproof too – after I got caught in torrential downpour with two friends on route to a local cave.


Favorite trail?

My favorite trail/hike (so far) has probably got to be the Lake Louise – Mt. Agnes Teahouse hike. I did the hike on my first ever trip in Canada, and I love that it’s easy enough to do in an hour or so and yet still has some of the most incredible views. Nothing beats a lake on a mountain.


Lakes vs. ocean?

I want to say that I prefer lakes – but my love lies entirely with the sea. There’s something achingly nostalgic about the ocean for me. It’s always the same and yet always different, no matter where you go.


What keeps you motivated to explore?

Other adventurers. I see some of the things people in this world do and it’s endlessly inspiring. Risk takers inspire me to be fearless. I love following other people’s journeys.


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